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Windsor's Canine Kitchen: Fresh-Breath Dog Cookies!

Updated: Jun 19

A dog's bad breath is one of the worst smells many of us dog owners experience on a regular basis. These simple treats can certainly help, and the prep and cook time only take about 30 minutes!

The Ingredients

  1. 1/2 cup of oats (Old-fashioned)

  2. 3 & 1/2 cups of all purpose flour (You can other types of flour if you prefer, you can even use cricket flour to up the protein).

  3. 1 cup of applesauce, unsweetened and no added flavors

  4. 1 Egg

  5. 1 tbsp of Coconut Oil

  6. 1/2 cup FRESH Curly Parsley (other varieties of Parsley can be harmful to dogs)

  7. 1 cup of FRESH Peppermint (you can substitute with Spearmint if you have that handy instead, but do NOT use Wintergreen as that is toxic to canines)

Step One. Grind down the oats in a food processor. Stop before it becomes a powder. You want there to still be some texture.

Step Two. Add the flour, applesauce, egg, coconut oil, Curly Parsley, and Peppermint to the food processor with the ground oats. Allow this to blend for 2-4 minutes, during which time it should form a dough.

  • If the mixture is too loose, add a a teaspoon of flour and continue blending, adding more flour incrementally until you reach the desired doughy consistency.

  • If the mixture is too dry, add a teaspoon of water and continue to blend, adding more water incrementally until you reach the desired doughy consistency.

Step Three. Move your dough to a floured surface and roll out to approximately 1/8th inch thick. Use whatever cookie cutters you desire to punch out cookies that are approximately 2-3 inches wide.

  • If you go smaller than 2 inches you will need to watch them closer when they are in the oven.

  • If you go larger than 3 inches, add a few minutes to the baking time.

Step Four. In an oven that has been preheated to 350°F, bake for 15 minutes. Baking time may vary from oven to oven, and can be impacted by things such as time of year and elevation, so I recommend watching them closely and adjusting bake time as needed (you may need to go shorter or longer).

Let cool completely to room temperature before offering them to your pup! These can keep for approximately 2 weeks if kept in the refrigerator. Than can also be stored in the freezer.

Feel free to experiment with this recipe and various substitutions! If adding peanut butter, use all-natural or low-sodium peanut butter that doesn't contain the popular sweetener listed as Xylitol.

Stay tuned for future installments of fun and easy recipes for your beloved canines in this new series! Baking treats at home is simple and fun, and a wonderful way to know exactly what is in your dog's treats!

A brief note on alternative flours; I know cricket flour/powder sounds disgusting, and in reality it certainly is a bit off-putting. However, it is a sustainable high-protein and highly regulated option that is quite healthy. Insect ingredients are extremely common in many other countries, even for human consumption, and the way in which they are farmed here in the US is under a strict watchful eye from the FDA. Don't hesitate to try this wonderful ingredient! Click here for a list of many available options on Amazon!


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