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Our Doctors

Both of our Veterinarians graduated from the University of Georgia and are licensed by the South Carolina State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners to practice Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Surgery.

Charles Allen Causey, DVM


It's hard to find the correct words to describe Dr. Causey, and not just because I'd get in trouble if I put down the ones that are coming to mind. All joking aside (which is one of his favorite things to do, by the way) he is a remarkable veterinarian with an obvious passion for helping our clients and our patients. He even does many of our orthopedic surgeries!

He joined forces with the love of his life, Dr. Ré, to open Windsor Animal Hospital in 2009 to serve our community to the best of his ability. And that is exactly what he's done every day since.

Paren Re' Causey, DVM


Hailing from Marietta, Georgia, Dr. Ré is not only our surgeon but a major part of why our practice has so much heart. Her dedication to providing extremely high-quality care to our patients as well as helping support and educate our clients would be unmatched if not for the perfect teammate for her; her husband! She saves lives with her steady hands in our operating room each day, and still finds the time to address routine issues in the exam rooms. 

We love her dearly, and we're confident that you and your pets will too!


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