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Pepper is a sweet boy!

He loves other animals, and can even be spotted rubbing against visiting canines! Feel free to pet him when you see him.

The Hospital Pets

They're as unique as our staff, and equally as part of the family. You're guaranteed to see at least one of them each time you visit!


Hei Hei

This is a strange and twitchy cat who loves to spend his time at the front desk. He can often be seen suddenly fleeing the front for no reason whatsoever. 



You may not see her much, mostly because she likes to try to escape! But if you do see her, say hi! Ella is a trouble maker, but a sweet one.



We adore Tumbleweed!

 Yes, we do handle her. 

She's basically an eight-legged puppy with eight eyes and an amazing sense of humor. 



Traveler spends most of her time in the back, so you may not see her when you stop by the office. But she's here, we promise!

This is our freshwater tropical aquarium. It contains a variety of fish, such as Angelfish, Bolivian Ram Cichlids, Cardinal Tetras, Yoyo Loaches, Longfin Zebra Danios. Longfin Cherry Barbs, Flying Foxes, Farlowella Catfish, etc.

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