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Have your pet's medications delivered right to your door!

*pets must have been seen by our doctors within the last 12 months
for prescription approval, per federal law


Pet Prescription Delivery

Step 1.

Click the above link and make an account. This takes just a few moments!

Step 2.

Once you make your account, it will be pending approval. We will receive an electronic notification and approve your account as quickly as possible (times that we are out of the office may extend this period).

Step 3.

Once your account is approved, you should receive a notification. You can then sign in and browse for whatever it is you need, add to your cart, and check out!

Step 4.

After you check out we are notified by the pharmacy and we can electronically approve your prescription. It really is that quick and easy!

Note: We respond to pharmacy notifications very quickly during normal business hours, and in most cases the completion of the entire process outlined above can happen within 1 hour.

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