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Puppy Vaccine Schedule Recommendations

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

If you have a litter of puppies, or if you have acquired a puppy and need to know the recommended vaccine schedule for our area, we are here to help make things simple!


First DHPP - 6 weeks old

Second DHLPP - 9 weeks old

Third DHLPP - 12 weeks old

Fourth DHLPP, plus Rabies - 15 weeks old

Fifth DHLPP - 20 weeks old


First deworming - 2 weeks old

Second deworming - 4 weeks old

Third deworming - 6 weeks old

Fourth deworming - 8 weeks old

Fifth deworming - 10 weeks old

Sixth deworming - 12 weeks old

Heartworm Prevention:

First Heartgard dose - 6 weeks old

Repeat Heartgard monthly for the life of the dog

Flea and Tick Prevention:

First Nexgard dose - 8 weeks old

Repeat Nexgard monthly for the life of the dog

There are occasional variations for certain individual puppies. Call our office to schedule an appointment and any alterations to this schedule may be discussed with the doctor during your visit.


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