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Our Current Response to Coronavirus

With all the concerns about Coronavirus, we are changing certain ways we deal with people here at the office. We are going to offer three different rooms for people who need to be separated from the general public. The first group of people that we will offer these to are elderly patients, immunocompromised patients, and patient with young children. If you fit into one of these categories and would like to be away from the general public in our waiting room, please just call ahead or tell the front staff when you come in.

Also, if you would like to wait in your car, please pull into the drive through and let the front staff know that is what you would like to do. We will then take your pet and ask you to park until we get your pet ready to go home.

Third, no one is allowed to reach over the counter and kiss Big Chuck. As much as he would like, he has asked that all physical contact be avoided until this blows over.

If you are sick or do not need to go out in public and have needs for pet food, medications, or anything else that we provide, please call our office. We have enough staff here that we will be able to bring supplies to you. We will ask for a credit card number over the phone to pay for the items, and during lunch break or after work, I or someone will deliver them to your door and call and let you know they are at your house.

We are taking the next few days and really cleaning and scrubbing surfaces. Since my children are out of school and up here, once they are finished their school work, they become unpaid servants to clean. Believe it or not, they can clean very well.

Again, we are just trying to offer alternatives to people that need different resources and would like to avoid someone getting sick because we did not take appropriate precautions.

Please, if you need us just call. We might not be able to help, but like I have always said, I know smart people who can help. Please stay safe and in good health.

-Dr. Causey


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