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Fireworks May Not Be Fun For The Whole Family - Addressing Fireworks Anxiety Before It Starts

With fireworks season fast approaching, it is important to plan ahead! July 4th has the highest rate of dogs running away and getting lost than any other day of the year, mostly due to being frightened by the loud noises. So helping your pet with the use of these safe and effective products could save their lives. Before July 4th creeps up on you, make sure you pick up any medications you may need to help your pet with any anxiety related to the booming sounds that will be going off around the neighborhood.

Sileo Gel is an easy-to-dose option that is applied per package instructions between the gum and the cheek. It is typically very effective when used for fireworks anxiety and thunderstorm anxiety. Perfect for any pets who refuse to take pills!

Trazodone has been around for a long time and is one of the most effective means at curbing anxiety in pets. It comes in a pill form, but can also be compounded into a liquid at Moss Compounding Pharmacy next door to us!

There may be other options available to you. Call or email our office for more information, or to schedule an appointment if you would like to discuss these options with one of our doctors.

Ordering the medications online may also be an option for you! Feel free to check out both of our online pharmacies here.


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